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RP Inc. (a robotic company)’s smart robot save precious lives.

Prioritizing its mission to save human lives, RP plans to continue to develop "robots that save people" to reduce the number of unfortunate stories from industrial sites.

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  • Road Marking Construction Robot R-BOT

    RP’s smart construction robots save human lives by replacing high-risk task at industrial sites
  • ArtBOT the mural robot for exterior wall

    RP’s smart construction robots save human lives by replacing high-risk task at industrial sites
  • Trick art 3D mural with AR

    RP’s AR mural provides innovative fusion content
  • P-BOT, large scale building painting robot

    It’s a exterior wall painting robot which prevents construction sites’ disasters or accidents
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RP Inc. Robotic company befits to people

When I saw a man painting dangerously on a single rope in a high-rise apartment, I started to develop a robot with the question, “why do they in such dangerous conditions?”

Finally in 2009, we developed a ArtBOT that is world’s first building exterior wall mural robot. ArtBOT has been participating in domestic and international public and private landscape improvement projects, and it has been recognized for RP’s unique technology.

RP continues to develop construction robots that can perform high-risk tasks on behalf of workers without being complacent about its current success. RP’s advanced technological robots have already been applied to industrial sites and save a lot of workers lives such as the construction robot (P-BOT) equipped with anti-splatter technology, the road marking robot (R-BOT) that automatically performs road surface markings, and the waterproof painting robot (W-BOT) that automatically applies waterproof paint in enclosed spaces.

After implementing Major Disasters Act, RP’s technology is emerging as an clear alternative for ensuring the safety of workers and the attention to it has been increased

RP is a “robotic company benefits to people.” RP is accelerating the development of robots that can save precious lives and reduce the heartbreaking news that constantly comes from industrial sites. Furthermore, RP will become a company that not only protects the environment but also benefits to people through re-creating space value

the world’s first construction printing robot company RP


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